As a candidate, the number one question people ask me is “why are you running?”

  That’s a good question to ask anyone running for office. Honestly, committing to running for office wasn’t an easy decision for me. After being involved in local politics as an organizer for the past four years, it made me realize how much of politics is really based around promising to “sell votes” in exchange for campaign contributions and how many politicians are more interested in collecting personal power than they are in representing their voters or in making their community better. This has led to a decline in the ability to trust our elected officials.

  For the past decade or so, I’ve watched too many candidates run for school board, not because they have a passion for education, students or teachers; but instead because it is an easy launching point for their political career.

  This has resulted in our schools being underfunded, our teacher’s feeling under prioritized and our students left to fall through the cracks.  All too often, I hear directly from school administrators, from teachers, from parents and our students themselves how extremely powerless and frustrated they feel with the lack of resources offered to them in Hillsborough County.

  Therefore; I am running for Hillsborough County School Board because I know that my proven experience as an educator, my experience as the parent of a non-neurotypical student, my experience as a C.D.D board who oversees a multi-million dollar budget, and the years that I have invested into community organizing have all prepared me to be the best candidate in this race!

  If you’re ready for an accessible, thoughtful, experienced, reflective and honest school board member who isn’t “for sale”, who is ready to do more than just make empty promises, while fighting to prioritize our schools, our students and our teachers; please vote for me on November 3rd, 2020.


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