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Tampa Bay Times Recommends Jessica Vaughn for Hillsborough County School Board, District 3

Tampa Bay Times editorial board recommends Jessica Vaughn for Hillsborough County

School Board, District 3 in the General Election.

"Jessica Vaughn is that rare candidate who can talk specifics without losing sight of the bigger picture. Her teaching experience, sound agenda and advocacy on behalf of students and parents make her the strongest choice for this north county seat."

"Vaughn can speak first-hand about the classroom experience and the needs of students and teachers alike. Her ideas for boosting reading scores, ensuring school equity and safeguarding the budget reflect a balanced mindset the school board needs. She supports greater investment in schools hard-hit by racial and income segregation, and restorative discipline policies that help to curb suspensions and arrests and stem the school-to-prison pipeline."

"Vaughn has more relevant experience and is much more conversant on issues at the core of education. She is adamant that parents deserve to be better informed about academic choices the school district offers. Vaughn is candid and seems a natural in a leadership role, and she would be a strong voice for the county’s northern suburbs."

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