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  My name is Jessica Vaughn and I am currently a candidate for Hillsborough County School Board District 3. As a 39-year Tampa resident, I am also the proud product of the Hillsborough County School system. After attending Gaither High School, I obtained my diploma in 1995. I went on to graduate from the University of South Florida in 2010 with my bachelor’s degree in education. After a few years of teaching in the classroom, my son Zachariah (the love of my life) was born and I switched to working as a substitute teacher so that I could have a more flexible schedule, while also remaining in the classroom and engaging with students.  Since working as a substitute teacher, I have had the honor of experiencing an assortment of different classroom settings, a variety of diverse schools and I have engaged with an assortment of students, teachers and support staff. I love the diversified experiences that my career as a substitute teacher has given me for the past six years.

  When I am not in the classroom, I divide my time between my family, my duty as an elected C.D.D board member and my passion for educating and organizing within my community. I also produce a local podcast which is geared towards connecting voters with our local candidates and focuses on educating voters about the local issues which impact us all.

  As a member of the New Tampa community, I have been a Tampa Palms resident for ten years, where I live with my husband; my seven-year-old son and our three dogs. For the past three years, I have served as an elected member of my C.D.D board, where we manage a five-million-dollar budget and oversee the infrastructure for our 28 separate villages, ranging from estates to townhomes, from single family custom homes to apartment homes.

  And finally, as a parent of a non-neurotypical learner; I am extremely committed to making sure we prioritize and properly support our non-neurotypical students. Non-neurotypical learners are also known as exceptional students and require an I.E.P learning plan or a 504 learning plan. Non-neurotypical learners can be students who fall on the autism spectrum, have been diagnosed ADHD, have a learning disability, have a physical disability and/or are considered "gifted".  In 2015, I earned and added my “Exceptional Student” endorsement to my teaching certificate.

  So, who is Jessica Vaughn? I am a passionate educator, a dedicated mother and an engaged community organizer who isn’t interested in being just another “politician”. Instead; I am running this campaign in order to combine my experience, my passion and my dedication to public education to be a true public servant. As a public servant; I will prioritize transparency, accessibility and being reflective of my constituency.

  Would you like to know more? If so, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I am always available for questions and feedback.

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